Drill Rigs

Clivio Drill Rig: MINIRAP-X

Drill Rig
Control Console50043088035
Mast & Drill Head + Drill Base19005001300205
Mast & Drill Head190040045098
Power Pack13506001320480

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The Clivio Hydraulic Rotary Drill model MINIRAP-X is a lightweight and small drilling machine designed for drilling holes up to a length of 20m with maximum 100mm diameter, mostly through brick walls and hard materials. In order to drill in very restricted spaces, the MINIRAP-X is disassembled in three main units: the DRILLING HEAD, the CONTROL CONSOLE and the POWER PACK. All connections are made by flexible hoses mounted with self sealing coupling.

A robust 3 and light mast pivoting 135° (90°+ 45°) includes the hydraulic cylinder for thrust and retraction of drilling head. Two pipe supports are provided on the mast to facilitate setting the mast on steel pipe scaffolding or on other supporting structures.

The DRILLING HEAD is consisting of a gear box with interchangeable gears in order to get various speed rates, is directly connected to an hydraulic motor (at your choice size M1 – M2 – M3 according to head rpm required) suitable for drilling with tungsteen carbide bits or diamond bits. It is available, on request, a Drill Head Shock Absorber to operate with d.t.h. hamner max 100 mm. Cutting head. Trust and retraction are hydraulically operated while pivoting is hand operated. The CONTROL CONSOL is a separate unit mounted on steel frame, it includes feed and rotation controls, the rapid feed circuit and also two pressure gauges. The POWERPACK comprises: electric (or Diesel) motor, hydraulic pump and gear pump, hydraulic oil tank and oil cooler. The assembly is mounted on a steel skid with rubber wheels.

Drilling Head Data
Head Gear RatioHydraulic Motor
Type – RatioM1 (rpm / DAnM)M2 (rpm / DAnM)M3 (rpm / DAnM)
125 – 1:2,5252 / 45.17202 / 58.28126 / 80.33
115 – 1:1,5420 / 27.10337 / 35210 / 48.20
110 – 1:1631 / 18505 / 23.31315 / 32.15
151 – 1,5:1947 / 12.05757 / 15.54473 / 21.24
251 – 2,5:11578 / 7.231262 / 9.33768 / 12.85


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