Clivio Turbomixers

For Cement Grout, Colloidal Grout, Bentonite and other mixtures.

These high-speed Clivio mixers are designed to produce colloidal grout. The high shear action of the special centrifugal pump with the high grout vortex caused inside the tank, produce a colloidal grout. These high-speed mixers is able produce various types of cement grouts and chemical grouts. Robust design and reliability are the main features of these high-speed mixers. The standard for prime power mover is electric but on request pneumatic or hydraulic is available. We can provide complete grouting units on a single steel base if required. Accessories include; charging plate with hopper and water metering gauge.

Product NameTotal CapacityWork CapacityVertical Shaft SpeedEngine PowerL x W x HWeight
TM13013010015003.0960 x 880 x 1270180
TM15015015015003.01030 x 946 x 1270200
TM26026022015005.5890 x 1160 x 1400315
TM50050046015007.51385 x 1200 x 1540550
TM1500150014501500111530 x 1862 x 1800950


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